5 Day Exchange Program


The 5-day or 500km vehicle exchange policy allows you to “Be Sure” that you have chosen the right vehicle. The vehicle can be exchanged for any reason. Simply contact our staff in writing stating you would like to exchange the vehicles within the first 5 days of ownership. Pick a new vehicle and give back your old one (Some new paperwork will be required, cancelling old agreement and activating new agreement, etc.). In the event of an exchange, any equipment added to the vehicle can be transferred to the new vehicle at the customer’s expense. If the equipment cannot be moved, then no payment will be made for the equipment. For example, if you buy running boards for a truck and install them and exchange your truck for a car. You can pay to have them taken off your truck or you can leave them on the truck during exchange. The exchanged vehicle must be returned in the same cosmetic and mechanical condition and state it was in upon purchase. Damages to vehicle caused by accidents, excessive use, vandalism or neglect are exempt from this program.