General Maintenance Guidelines


General Maintenance Guidelines

Vehicle maintenance is important! You’ve invested thousands of dollars in your new purchase, so make sure you take care of your investment!

Following the General Maintenance guidelines to your specific car can go a long way by:

  • Extending its Lifetime – Things like routine oil changes decrease the amount of wear on internal parts and reduce friction, making your parts last longer!
  • Increasing the Safety of Passengers – Simple steps like checking tire air pressure before a long trip and making sure your fluids are topped up can be the difference between a dream vacation or a nightmare on the side of the road.
  • Reduced Repair Costs – Regular maintenance isn’t free, but it is a much cheaper alternative than neglecting to properly service your engine, and then having something catastrophic and unexpected occur when you least expect it.

The three most important elements to a vehicle owners routine maintenance checks are:

  • Fluids – This can be a very important fluid like engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid all the way to something simple like washer fluid. It’s always best practice to check these systems regularly in case the fluid level is low and needs to be topped up. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Tires – It’s always a good idea to periodically check your tires. You are looking to make sure that there are no uncharacteristic bulges or wear, the treads are still a safe depth, and finally, that the air pressure is at the manufacturers recommended pressure. This should be listed on a sticker inside the drivers side door.
  • Oil – We’ve saved the most important for last! The experts say that your oil and filter should be changed every 5000 KM to prevent it from becoming sludgy and filled with particles. This can be extended by using different types of oil called “Synthetic”, but please check your manufacturers guidelines because every car is different!

Above is the most routine maintenance that every vehicle needs. As you own your vehicle for longer, more maintenance will be required once you hit certain kilometer thresholds. Below is a list of General Guidelines and timeline to follow regarding the maintenance of your vehicle:

*Note: These are generic guidelines, every manufacturer has their own specifications. Please contact your vehicle manufacturer for their recommendations specific to your vehicle.

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