Importance of Oil Changes


Importance of Oil Changes

Engines have several moving parts that need to perform under high stress. These parts must be fully lubricated for the engine to continue to function at its highest efficiency in order to save on fuel costs as well as prevent future issues down the road. Oil is what keeps the parts moving so that you can keep your vehicle moving properly and safely. Eventually, the oil in your engine breaks down and gets dust, debris, and dirt from the outside environment as well as the inside of your engine mixed in it, causing your parts to have more friction and increase the change of mechanical failure. Keeping up with your recommended guidelines for Oil Changes is a very important step in being a vehicle owner. This small maintenance cost, which replaces your current oil with fresh oil, as well as your old and dirty filter with a new clean one, could save you thousands of dollars if it prevented something catastrophic from happening inside your engine.

What an oil change does for your vehicle:

Maintains Engine Lubrication – Without the oil to reduce friction, your engine parts would grind together, causing excess friction, and eventual total engine failure.

Cools off the Engine – The speed at which the parts of your engine are moving and making contact with each other, combined with them being made of very hard metals, causes friction, which causes heat. Having the correct amount of clean oil in your engine will help prevent heat related issues.

Removes Particles and Oil Sludge – Dirt causes corrosion on internal parts of your engine. Oil also breaks down and turns into sludge as it gets older and is used more. This is called “sludge”. Performing an oil change removes the particle filled sludge and replaces it with clean oil and a new filter to further prevent more particles from entering.

Improved Fuel Mileage – Not enough lubrication leads to poor fuel economy. The U.S. Department of Energy states that regular oil changes are proven to increase fuel mileage.

Longer Vehicle Life – Keeping up with the Maintenance Guidelines on your vehicle will add to the lifespan of it. Dirty oil creates friction, making the parts have to work harder in order to do the same job. Things that have to work harder break down quicker, so do yourself and your vehicle a favour and keep up with it’s recommended maintenance!

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